The Will to Undertake,
The Corporate Commitment

Corporate Governance

Rubis is founded on values, which have shaped its culture and forged its success. Integrity, respect for others, professionalism and trust; these are just some of the principles that underpin the Group’s operations. Rubis’ slogan, “The will to undertake, the corporate commitment”, emphasizes the fundamental principles of a management philosophy based on freedom of initiative and individual accountability.

Corporate Governance

Ethical and Anti-Corruption Commitments

Rubis strives to act with professionalism and integrity, in compliance with existing laws and regulations. All customers and suppliers of Rubis are required to comply with the ethical and anti-corruption rules defined in the Rubis Group Code of Ethics available.

In particular, to comply with and ensure compliance by its employees and its key subcontractors and/or suppliers with:

The applicable labour legislation and, in particular, the prohibition of the use of child labour or any form of forced labour;

Health and safety rules for employees and environmental protection rules in force at their facilities;

The prohibition of any form of fraudulent activity within the framework of contractual relations;

The prohibition of all forms of corruption (public, private, passive or active), including the offer or gift of money, bribes, inducements or any other unjustified service or advantage proposed or received with the intention of influencing the conduct of a person with a view to obtaining preferential treatment, inducing a favourable decision or influencing the outcome of a negotiation;

The applicable national and international laws imposing economic and/or financial sanctions (embargoes) on natural and/or legal persons.

Ethical and Anti-Corruption Commitments

In the countries where we operate, the Rubis Group strives to act with professionalism and integrity, in compliance with existing laws and regulations. Our Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Guidance are the cornerstones of our internal rules and procedures in preventing corruption.