Embracing Socially
Responsible Conduct

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rubis is committed to education, healthcare, and adapting to meet the needs of the local population.

At the heart of our business is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Rubis Turks and Caicos is committed to being involved in each country in which it operates as an economic, social and cultural player.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rubis Turks and Caicos Limited strives to create positive change in the community through charitable corporate contributions in the form of donations and sponsorships, as well as employee giving and volunteerism. Rubis aims to support select organizations under various causes including, but not limited to, Culture, Education, Environment, Health Awareness, Sports and Youth Development.

Donation: A donation is considered the grant of money (or anything of value) for charitable or social means, to an organization, entity or community, that the company believes is classified as philanthropy.

Sponsorship: A sponsorship is considered the grant of money (or anything of value) to cover all, or part, of the cost activities such as seminars, conventions or events (e.g. sporting, artistic and entertainment) in return for commercial and institutional recognition of Rubis Turks and Caicos.

Donation and sponsorship requests for consideration should be addressed and submitted as follows:

Addressed to:

Micah Knowles

Sales & Marketing Manager

Submitted to:


*Donation and sponsorship requests are reviewed on a bi-monthly basis. Before approval, the prospective beneficiary may be required to complete an Anti-Corruption Questionnaire and Anti-Corruption Compliance Agreement.


CSR Activities

Press Releases

Rubis Turks & Caicos Brings Back Online Speech Therapy for Ashley’s Learning Center

April is recognized as Autism Awareness Month globally and Rubis constantly looks for ways to be involved with the Autistic community by providing support and helping to bring about awareness. Last year, Rubis Turks & Caicos Ltd.

Press Releases

RUBiS launches Ultra Tec Fuels Campaign

TURKS & CAICOS: With greater and more targeted emphasis being placed on the reduction of carbon emissions globally, RUBiS Turks & Caicos Limited has taken steps to help educate local consumers on the benefits of its Ultra Tec premium Gasoline and Ultra Tec Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel products.

Press Releases

RUBiS Donates A Technology Room to Ashley’s Learning Center

In keeping with RUBiS’ corporate social responsibility, RUBiS Turks & Caicos Limited graciously donated a Technology Room to Ashley’s Learning Center, a school for special needs children. The $7,000 technology room will play an instrumental role in assisting these children reach their full potential especially in a Covid-19 environment.