Rubis Turks & Caicos Brings Back Online Speech Therapy for Ashley’s Learning Center

April is recognized as Autism Awareness Month globally and Rubis constantly looks for ways to be involved with the Autistic community by providing support and helping to bring about awareness. Last year, Rubis Turks & Caicos Ltd. supported Ashley’s Learning Center (ALC) Annual Concert as a title sponsor and this year Rubis has agreed to provide funding to bring back a much-needed program for the center which is their Online Speech Therapy.

According to Angela William, Founder of Ashley’s Learning Center, this program is pivotal. “The fastest-growing delay we continue to see in young children is speech delay, and therefore making speech services at our center the most imminent need.” Rubis leaped at the opportunity to enhance the lives of children on the spectrum by providing support for Online Speech Therapy , thereby making the most meaningful impact next to mobility and sight.

Rubis’ latest commitment to ALC amounts to $7,722. This amount will cover online speech services for 18 students for a complete school year. In 2021, Rubis provided Ashley’s Learning Center with their first computer lab. The lab was mainly to assist with repetitive speech therapy. When Rubis Turks & Caicos learnt in March that the center was unable to offer online speech therapy for the last seven months due to a loss of funding, Rubis decided to take on this responsibility for at least a year says Sales & Marketing Manager, Micah Knowles.

The great benefit of the Gemini Therapy is that the program is individualized and keeps track of each student’s progress, continues Mrs. Knowles.

Ashley’s Learning center is a cross-categorical special school for students on the autistic disorder spectrum. The school started in 2015, after the founder Angela Williams embarked on a journey to provide educational opportunities for her daughter Ashley and other children. The school currently has 30 students.